Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catch Up and New Blog

Hello! You all thought I fell off the face of the earth I bet, but nope. Life just a got a little out of control during February. Imagine that :)

I'm writing this post to catch up everything that happened up until wedding stuff! I was busy with some last minute photo shoots- I loved taking Savannah's engagements! And Mr. Logan even got to go with me. To see more of my photography head over to my facebook page Michelle Fowler Photography (it's in the name change process still) or to get more information on it

I also got to spend lots of time with my family! My cheetah nieces turned 6 and little Tyson turned 1! Crazy how fast time flies! Coming up in the next couple weeks I'm going to do a little Easter photo shoot with them and then Tyson will have his own little photo shoot! Yay for pictures!
On February 9th I was honored with a bridal shower thrown by my mom and sisters. They had it all decked out in the purple and green to go along with the wedding colors. Instead of having a sit down, play games, be there forever shower, I wanted an open house so people could come and go as it worked for them. My mom and sisters made soup and lots of goodies. Thanks for doing that for me!It was super fun and I got a lot of things for our home and "fun things" for Logan, uh.. I mean us. It was fun to have so many family and friends be able to make it for it. Thanks for your love and support with that. 
I like the sound of that :)
Soon to be in laws

 The night before that, Kaycee, one of my best friends and previous roommates came down to go to dinner with me and spend the night for some girl time before I became a Mrs. We went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and we talked and laughed and were able to catch up on things in each others lives. I'm so grateful for her influence in my life. She really is such a strong person and her testimony and spirit has helped me in my life in so many ways. 
 Ah.. The day of love. It's really not my favorite holiday. I love the idea of expressing and showing love, but personally I feel like there doesn't need to be a specific day to share that. Sometimes flowers just because it's Tuesday or sweet love note or whatever can happen without it needing to be Valentines Day. Logan and I didn't have to work that night, so we went out to Pizza Hut :) and went home to watch Heroes on my computer. For me it was perfect and simple, just the way I like it. 

The next day, February 15, was my birthday! Yay for no longer being a teenager. I have stepped into adult life! My parents took Logan and I out to eat at Olive Garden (my choice) and then we went back to my house to open presents and have birthday dessert. After that, Logan took me out to Safe Haven. For once Logan couldn't call the ending of the movie until 15 minutes to the end of the movie. We laughed until we cried on the way home and it was a great birthday. I'm so excited to enjoy more birthdays with him by my side :)
Bad quality picture... :(
On February 21 I had the opportunity to go through the Idaho Falls temple and receive my endowment. For years I have sung the words, "I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday," and now I finally have made those covenants with my Father.  I'm so grateful for the temple; it is filled with peace and happiness. It truly is the Lord's house. At the end of the session I stood with all of family: Dad, Mom, Troy, Carrie, Trent, Lindsey, Jared, Chelsea, Cody, Kinzie, and Logan and was filled with the most overwhelming feeling of eternal love. I'm so grateful for eternity and the chance I have to spend it with such amazing people.

The week of the wedding I was so blessed to have some super good friends come to Idaho to support Logan and I. Whitney and Sawyer Goff came up from Utah. Whitney was one of my roommates the same semester as Kaycee and Sawyer was an FHE brother; I hadn't seen them since their wedding last May and it was so good to see them and spend time with them. Hannah Kern came over from Oregon to be a part of all the wedding madness! Hannah Lou was one of my roommates my second semester.

February 22 was the wedding dinner in Rigby. Logan's parents provided some yummy food and we enjoyed a Hawaiian theme night. It was so crazy that night to think that the next day I would be Logan's wife and I wouldn't have to go home to Shelley anymore. That night he gave me a little message in a bottle to read when I got home and a little gift to open as well. I opened the present and read the note right before I went to sleep (which wasn't very early). I now have a necklace of real pearls to wear. Thanks Logan :)

Exciting news.. We found an apartment the week of our wedding. On Tuesday we saw the post on the BYUI bulletin board for an apartment that was opening up the week we would be getting back from the honeymoon. We jumped on it and the next day we drove up to Rexburg and signed the contract. 

To keep up with the Peterson's become a follower of our new blog!
 This is where I will be blogging from now on! No, I didn't need to make a new one; but I wanted something new :)

See ya on the other blog-
Mrs. Petey

Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Adventures!

Prepare yourself.
Actually in 3 weeks exactly :)
I'm so excited to be Mrs. Peterson and become Logan's wife!

The past month has been full of photoshoots (including our own bridals:)), sickness (both of us), work, and little odds and ends for wedding things. And I have learned a lot about our relationship and myself in the past month. Our announcements came in, we took bridals, tried lots of different cookies, and we did our wedding video with Emily (Logan's little sister). 
While we were recording the video, Logan was downstairs as she interviewed me and vice verse so we didn't hear each others answers. I'm not comfortable in front of a video camera; Pictures are just fine, but when it comes to expressing myself and my thoughts in front of a camera, I totally clam up. I know I sound like a cheesey goof ball in my part of it. On the other hand, I know Logan is very natural in front of any camera setting. I'm excited that he has that talent and natural ability.
When we took bridals, he saw me in my dress (and my dress for that matter) for the first time. We blindfolded him and set it up to be able to get his reaction to see me. Well, when I went to lift the blindfold off, Mr. Logan had tied it on a bit too tight. I was trying to take his eyebrows off with it. We got some fun pictures of that and had a good laugh. Then the moment of truth came, he reached behind his head to untie the knot, and let the blindfold fall as the compliments and love flowed from his words and eyes. It was SOO fun to take pictures with him and I'm pumped to have them at the reception!
 Enough about wedding plans... Now for some Mr. & Mrs. Petey Adventures :)
We went rock climbing for a date and it was wicked fun. 
I'm a total wimp and sometimes it took me a really long time to get to the top, but he was always there at the bottom cheering me on. The last one we climbed up was really hard for me. He had to let me sit down in the middle of the wall because my arms were giving up, but I wanted to make it to the top. I know that is something that will come up in our marriage and life together. There will be times when we want so badly to reach the top, but won't be able to without each other. I need his help, influence, and love in my life to help me become the best I can be.
 Yesterday (Friday) we met up when he got off work and went back into Olive Garden to fill my soup and salad craving. We aren't the eat in silence type. We talk, a lot. I started to explain to him about how excited I am to be wifey for real; such as how much I'm looking forward to having a little place of our own for me to vacuum and sweep. That's in all honesty too, and he started laughing at me. We drove across town to go look at a few things form TJ MAXX and Ross.
We seriously laughed all day.
There were these two purple chairs for little girls that were cute for a photography prop and I half considered buying them. I decided to think on it. Well, when we were in line to check out, this old lady came walking up with them and it made me laugh so hard. Then when we were walking out to his car I did something and he told me I was like a five year old (all in teasing and playfulness). So when we got to his car I stood outside the car "pouting," he opened my door from the inside and said all sweet like, "Honey," then in a pretend angry voice, "GET IN THE CAR!!" I honestly started crying it was so funny. Logan is the most chill and non angry person I know making that very unlike him.
A monumental thing happened in our relationship; In the past 10 months of dating, Logan has never farted in front of me. Well, that's crossed off the list and I feel like we can get married now :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Best Friend

You've probably all figured out by now from the countless times I've mentioned it, Mr. Logan is my best friend.
He really truly is.

On Tuesday we got to register at Walmart. WOO for being done with registering. But really registering there was fun because we talked about reasons we wanted different things and we (at least I) was imagining how cute our little apartment will be when we get one (please Rexburg housing open for us!!).
We laughed a lot while we there and now have an ongoing debate about which Walmart is better, Ammon or Broadway. I vote Broadway. He votes Ammon.

After we finished that up, we went over to Olive Garden for lunch. Can I just tell you how cute it is for me to see all the other servers come over and say hi to us because they love Logan. He really is that awesome, everyone loves him.

Logan suggested we go ice skating because it sounded really fun! So we made our way over to the skating rink to find out it wasn't public skate until 7. We ventured over to the mall to kill time and look for a few different things for the wedding. As we were walking back towards our car we stopped in the mall and sat down on a bench and I realized how tired my legs were and he felt the same. 

Cheap seat theaters- gotta love them! I made Logan pick the movie, he chose Wreck it Ralph. IT WAS AWESOME! I would watch it over and over again. And I even cried- I'm an emotional person, thank goodness Logan loves me and knows to just laugh at my incredible silliness.

On top of all the wedding planning chaos and bliss, there are many other decisions and things that I need to consider. It was all kind of weighing down on me and Logan could tell. We started talking about a variety of things and then we were talking about how I really wanted to go to another photography workshop this year with this lady, but it probably wouldn't be able to happen this year.
He looked at me and said, "Well how about we have our own workshop. We can sit at our computers and look up stuff for you to learn for a few hours. And I will learn with you." He's really the sweetest. 
And just so you know, I'm working on a new blog. I will be printing this one out and starting a married blog after the wedding. I will give you more details coming soon!!

I'm so excited to marry my best friend!!
{44 days}

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review

2012 was full of so many things that I never would have suspected.
It is incredible to look back and reflect on where I was last year at this time and see where I am now.
Every year is always full of challenges, laughs, loving, and happiness.
But it is what we do with those things that help us stand a little taller and a little better today; they also give us hope and courage to face a new year.

Last January, I was getting prepared to face BYU-I and a new chapter in my life.
 I was so blessed to have Kaycee as my roommate my first semester. She taught me through her example and let me be me. She became one of my BEST friends. She is someone I know that at all times, she is there for me. I loved rooming with her. Kaycee- I freaking love you.
We went to the Festival of Colors!
My now sister in law lived in the apartment next to me. It was fun to have the opportunity to get to know her better before she became part of my family. I couldn't pick someone better for Jared. Chelsea is fun and loving and so so sweet. Chelsea was added to my family in April 2012.
During the Winter semester I got to know some awesome people. I made a lot of friends that I feel will always be there for me. I'm grateful for their influences on me. It's crazy how we are all going our own ways, but there are certain people who I feel such a connection with.
Emily Ogden is about to go to Arizona for student teaching. There were nights when her and I would talk and we just understood each other. She took me scootering on campus, hiking, and became another one of those best friends for me. You know those kind... the ones who you still swap Christmas cards, emails, and phone calls with because they are important to you.

At BYU-I wards you usually always have a calling. Well, I had the calling of FHE Mom my first semester. The bishopric told me that they usually don't give this calling to freshman, but they felt I was the one who was supposed to be it. I honestly could not have asked for a better calling. Those boys had such an impact on me and cliche as it is, I grew to love them so much. We had so much fun together and it's because of them that Logan came into my life. The bowling picture is actually the night I met Logan, he took the picture for us :)
Those boys were always there to pick me up when I was feeling down and I'm so grateful I had them in my life.
My second semester was quite fantastic as well. My roommates and I had dance parties with each other at least once a week, sang One Direction songs on a daily basis, and we cared and loved each other. Living with 5 other girls is hard- I'm so grateful I grew up with boys. But all 9 (Kelli was there both semesters) of my roommates taught me so much. I learned to be a better "homemaker," forgiver, and supporter because of them. Oberholzer is off to conquer student teaching. Stesha.. well she's in love with a boy and we all know how that goes at BYU-I :)
Kelli and Hannah are coming back to the burg in Spring and they will taking on new semesters classes to conquer the world and meet One Direction one day.
Brown Rachel.. She's off to preach the gospel to New York. I'm so excited for her. She will do such a great job; her spirit is STRONG and BRIGHT! 
I went to the temple every Tuesday before devo with Brown Rachel. I loved those moments that her and I shared together. There were many things her and I got to learn from the spirit together and I'm grateful for her willingness to go with me.
I ran a half marathon!! WHOO!! And guess what.. I kind of want to run it again this year. Hopefully training will go better this year.
My roommates helped me surprise Logan multiple times :)
He made me try sushi.
I went "serious" golfing for the first time- meaning I really tried.
I fell in love with this boy.

I got my first B, ever.

I came home from that semester and started working at Kiwi Loco again. I also got hired at American Eagle. Juggling those and photography got a little overwhelming for me so in October I quit Kiwi Loco.

My whole family was home for about a week this summer. It was fun to play outside and spend time together. Plus, I really like taking family pictures :)
I hiked Tablerock with my some of my family and Logan for my mom's 50th birthday. We then had a surprise party waiting for her when we got home!
This fall my sisters and I have been super crafty! I have made more this fall than ever before and I LOVE it! I like being wifey!

 I went to St. George with the Peterson family in October for the performance called Thriller in the Tuacaan amphitheater. It was awesome!

I planned a Fowler family Halloween party. It was so fun!! I'm telling you, I will be a fun party wife. Logan better get prepared

In November I got engaged to Logan Peterson!!
 We have been busy planning, but also just enjoying being with each other.

This holiday season I enjoy being with my family. I love having everyone home.
I'm looking forward to a wonderful new year-

New goals/hopes/dreams
One more month until Troy is home.
And 53 days until I'm Mrs. Peterson.

Happy New Year!! 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Proposal Video

I know a lot of you have read my proposal story, but Logan's talented sister Emily has recently gotten into videography. This is her first recording, put together, video. She's got some serious talent and I'm excited to tag team with her in the upcoming year with photography.  Here's a link to the video. It is 15 minutes long. But it's definitely worth it :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

And the countdown begins

Less than 2 months until I get to marry my best friend.
I know my brother Jared is probably rolling his eyes and making a gagging face at this, but I'll continue anyways.
 Don't worry, none of the pictures posted here or on Facebook are for the announcement; I couldn't ruin the surprise for those ones!
It was fun to take pictures with Logan. He knows me too well. I really wasn't planning on taking a ton, but we did and then some. I apologized to him for that, but he simply told me he knew we would because of the photographer in me.
Thanks Emily (Logan's little sister) for taking them for us!

Right before we took this one (above) he looked at me and said, "We are taking engagements pictures!" And I told him, "This must mean we are getting married."
I'm so excited to marry this boy. He has stolen my heart entirely. 
One quick little story-
April 25, 2012- I took Logan out on a date and when we were in the car, he said something I usually say. I called him out on stealing my saying and he called me out on stealing his yellow light driving game. But he then said, "Maybe you will steal more than that one day." (I wrote that one down so I wouldn't ever forget it)
Yes Logan you were right; I'm stealing your last name.

 He wasn't expecting me to hit him with snow, so when I did, this was his response as I was covered with snow :)
There isn't too much left to do. Plans are coming together. I am not looking forward to typing up all the addresses for announcements, but that is one of the big things left to do. Wedding planning isn't that bad. I think I kind of enjoy it actually. It's been awesome to see things come together for us to start our future together. When we were registering at Target it took awhile, but it was fun because these are things we liked to put in our apartment/home one day. And the countdown will continue for the next two months as we continue to learn to love each other more and try to be the best we can be for one another. Love you Logan!

All things {MERRY & BRIGHT}

Merry Christmas!
Sort of, it's a little late I suppose; better late than never I suppose.

This holiday season I have enjoyed working at American Eagle and helping others find Christmas gifts for people. I finished my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago and I was able to just enjoy these holidays with Logan and family.
The Peterson family had a Griswold Christmas party and yes I will admit I had no idea who the Griswolds were until this. We had dinner, went caroling, and had a white elephant gift exchange. Logan and I made it out good with a Jamba gift card and a Mt. Dew with a cute Christmas glass. Hope those cherry cordials were delicious Davis! :)

Christmas Eve we stayed up late watching the Nativity and then Elf. It was so fun to watch with the little girls as they laughed and laughed. After the movie ended, they set out cookies and milk for Santa hoping that in the morning the glass would be empty, the plate missing cookies, and presents out from Santa.
Christmas morning started early for us as Katelyn and Kylie were up and ready to go at 7:30 in the morning. As the girls went over to the tree, sure enough Santa had come during the night.
If you asked the girls what they wanted from Santa, they always said remote control spiders, and oh Santa is good :)
Christmas Eve
Tarantula- Kylie's spider
The other spider is a wall climbing spider. Gross, I know.
The rest of Christmas consisted of opening presents (I GOT A RED KITCHENAID!!!!!!!!!!!), Christmas breakfast, and having a nice big lunch with the family and Grandpa and Grandma Clark. After lunch, the kids went out to play in the snow and Logan came down. We switched presents and boy... I am one spoiled girl.
Logan is full of surprises and so when it comes to the honeymoon, he has been very secretive. Well, part of present was stuff for it so he told me where we are going. He blindfolded me and had me smell a candle. It was coconut. He asked me what that reminded me of and I said Pina Coladas. Then he had me open my eyes and he gave me chocolates that said...
We are cruising to Hawaii...
Yes, I had a slight freakout. And then he put a flower lei on me.
He still had to open his presents and then he told me he had one more surprise for me. I was told to put on shoes and a coat.
He covered my eyes with his hands and walked me outside.
A few months ago I had mentioned in passing how I really wanted a beach cruiser bike with gears, because they are cute and I don't have a bike.
Logan picks up on the smallest things and he acts on them. It all makes sense to me now why he kept taking me past the bikes every time we went to Walmart. Thank you Logan! :)

We finished the night by going to Le Mis with his family. It was good; I cried, a lot. The message of it is inspiring and it is a good one to see just take tissues!
I hope everyone's Christmas was merry and bright and spent with loved ones.
Keep the season alive all year long!!